Who We Are

Right Advisor, Right Now

Knowledge alone doesn't equal success...only applied knowledge.  Results driven coaching creates the focus, accountability and insight which allows clients to compress time and acheive outcomes more quickly.  

Pekyu is a platform with one simple mission, "To connect the right advisor, to the right person, at the right time."  Pekyu is reshaping consulting, by removing all of the obstacles between the advisor and client and facilitating real-time or scheduled connections for a customized amount of time. 


How much further along could you be if you had an expert guiding you through difficult challenges and helping you compress time to acheive outcomes more quickly?  Imagine, instead of reading a book cover-to-cover, you could speak directly with the author and have them tell you exactly which chapters you needed to overcome your challenge or reach your goal.

Pekyu's founders, advisors/consultants themselves with a combined 30 years of experience, know that sometimes clients stick with the advisor they know rather than the advisor they NEED.  They don't have flexibilty in timing and pricing.  Pekyu solves those problems, allowing you to find the right advisor when you need them.  


For the Advisor: 

Advisors on the Pekyu platform, focus exclusively on what they do best, working with highly motivated clients and creating impact.  Typically advisors spend far too much of time developing business and managing the back-office business elements.  Pekyu is a fully integrated platform, which streamlines your marketing, brand managment, billing and record-keeping.  

We know that your mission is to serve.  We take care of the rest.