Become an Advisor

Create Profound Impact In Your Business And Life


Pekyu is a ecosystem for advisors.  High performance advisors and consultants around-the-world partner with Pekyu to manage and streamline their practice.  This allows them to focus on their art,  driving even more meaningful and measureable results with clients.  Pekyu expedites everything else.  Pekyu partners have flexibility, freedom and help creating maximum impact on their clients and ensuring that they're working with their ideal clients.  Right advisor, right now.  


Referral Network: 

Through the platform, our advisors create networks and referral streams.  Rather than every advisor having to be all things to all people, this allows for each network advisor to have a primary advising business, supported by a secondary referral business, thus expanding their reach and ability to help.  The client receives enormous benefit from this by always knowing they are connecting with the person best suited to coach them through their specific issue.

Seamless And Aggregated Business Management Tools: 

We know you're at your best when your engaged with clients.  Pekyu allows for seamless management of everything from marketing and business development, to payment and invoicing to record keeping and push "action items".  It's all handled in one place, seamlessly.


Freedom and Flexibiilty:  

Work when you want to work from where you want to work.  You'll connect with your clients wherever and whenever.  You can "become available", anytime, allowing your current and prospective clients to connect with you real-time, via message or audio/video call.   

Brand Management: 

Leveraging the Pekyu platform allows you to build your book of clients and through powerful client interactions, custom brand management (controlled by you) and expedites all payments and processes in between.